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Not a Story

There is One True Undeniable Fact that no person can disagree with – ‘You and every person that has ever lived came out of the body of a woman.’

This is not a myth, it’s not a story, it’s not a hypothesis or a philosophy or the result of a government funded study or an opinion poll gathered from a news program. It’s not a religious belief, doesn’t require faith or a common language and you don’t need a class or an ancient text to know this fact. This fact doesn’t require a scholar or a professional in the field or a doctor or a comparative study. It is the factual beginning of each self. It is the one fact
we all share with every person that we engage with in love, hate, jealousy, kindness, judgement, anger, apathy, passion, work, play, sex and laughter, etc.

You came from the body of a woman.

Women produce people.
People are the product of women.

How did referring to all of humanity as ‘mankind’ become the norm? For in fact ‘we are the kind that comes from women’ quite literally. So…


To be politically correct we say ‘humankind’ now, which is lovely and true of course but here at ‘PinkyLux School for Girls’ we enjoy saying ‘womankind’ in recognition of the first thing the whole world can finally agree upon – our common, fleshy and true beginning.

Try it.

* sperm component at conception is noted and appreciated.