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Vagina’ is the anatomical name of the roadway to the most sophisticated reproduction system in (as far as we know) the entire universe.

 Would you say of your car “Wow, my cars’ tailpipe is great on gas” or “I love my car, it’s tailpipe is really powerful and has great torque”. Of course you wouldn’t, how ridiculous.

Here at the PinkyLux School we take up the task of renaming ‘the area’ from which we all emerge.  Does it need to be so parsing and mechanistic? Does it make us so? Dare a culture embrace a new name for their true homeland? Could that begin to unite us, reflect a value to human life that seems missing? Could changing a word invite our trembling over thinking into the intelligence of the body? Could woman gain the power and dignity that their body actually holds and stop dancing around like cupcakes or hiding under a bed sheet?

Probably not.

But that doesn’t stop anyone at this school from going for it.

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We call this area ‘The Undercarriage‘. Why? Because you were carried under the heart of a woman in a dazzlingly brilliant reproductive system. Too poetic? It’s a fact.

 * On the same note, ‘penis’ needs an update as well. So far we have come up with ‘dangelglo’ to include the entirety of the male organs involved in fertilization but it’s admittedly a work in progress.