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Don’t be. You are of the human gender.

 Here at the PinkyLuxSchool we don’t parse men and women up by insisting that they each have male and female qualities. We call bullshit. Check it out.

Here are some ‘typical female’ qualities;

dependent, emotional, graceful, weak, nurturing, soft, passive, receptive

Here are some ‘typical male’ qualities;

independent, non-emotional, aggressive, competitive, strong, sexually aggressive

Surely you recognize yourself as capable of having all these qualities no matter what gender you are because they are human qualities. The more we associate these qualities with one gender or another, ‘she’s so male because she is aggressive’, ‘he’s so feminine because he is nurturing’ the more we restrict and build in prejudices’ to the full palette of each person.


Why can’t a man crying be a sad man and not ‘someone showing his feminine side’? Why can’t a sexually aggressive woman be a passionate woman and not a ‘has a sex drive like a man’ kind of woman? It can be so! With this one simple adjustment we can eliminate all sorts of stereotypical judgements towards those that come out of a woman’s undercarriage. A woman is a woman with all the human qualities and a man is a man with all the human qualities and a transgender person is a person with all the human qualities..

Everyone is human, having human qualities. Lovely.

* So, why ‘PinkyLuxSchoolforGirls’ you ask and I am glad you did. ‘Girls’ is used in the way that ‘guys’ is used to refer to a mixed group. It’s used as a cultural adjustment tool. So, I invite all you ‘girls’ to join the student body. email me at wendel@wendelmeldrum.com to be added to the list.