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…that makes us think the lower depths from which we emerged is ‘dirty and nasty’

Well let’s clear that up today.

We all poo like we all breathe. ‘In’ to nourish ‘out’ to eliminate.

We eat and drink and the body does this miraculous thing where it chooses self from non-self.

It’s doing it right now – for you.

The self – it makes into more you, the not-self it sends out of the body, with breath, with sweat, with urine and with poo.

This poo factory is as much a part of your brilliant design as your favourite parts. Poo would love nothing more than to just fall on the ground and continue it’s journey enlivening the soil to grow things for us to eat that would then create more poo. You are an entity that creates fertilizer, that is what you make.

A good dump is a sign of health and enlivens the whole being.

Often as babies, when someone changed our diaper we looked up to see the disapproving hideous face of our mother/father/caregiver calling us ‘stinky’. The reason poo has evolved to smell so terrible probably has something to do with preventing us from eating it – which doesn’t stop a gorilla if you have ever been to the zoo.

A friend once told me she was staying at a place in India where, when she felt the urge, she would tear out to the outhouse that was several yards behind the house to try and beat the wild pigs that would come right under you as you let one fly and they’d gobble your poo up like it was a treat from the dairy queen.


So if you are confusing your feelings about stinky nasty poo with the portal where you came from, thinking it is stinky and nasty by association, there is no need – it’s just a design issue. And you might even think your own self to be stinky and nasty by association – well you are not.

Now go drop a deuce and give yourself some love!