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….is it for you or against you.

First let’s see if you have an imagintation.  As with all invisible things eg. the wind, love,  the undercarriage, it’s best to put yourself through a test to prove the invisible exists. Until there is a machine that can measure imagination we can use the following experiment as a determiner.

Imagine these things;

A tiny horse climbing up a spider web to a spaceship.

A whirling dervish on the end of your toe.

Running naked in the woods while being chased by a squirrel.

Wasn’t that easy! Bam. Proof.

You have an imagination!

We have the ability to imagine much like we have the ability to think. It’s part of every humans tool kit. Your imagination is like water and is always looking to emerge and engage. You’d be surprised how much of your thinking is actually your imagination at work. Work? Imagination feels more like play.

All your wondering about how you are going to spend your evenings, or planning a trip or wondering how to love is your imagination at play.

Your imagination is not like your body that gets complainy and wants to rest. In fact it comes more alive when you rest, fanasies are it’s playground, it’s tireless!

Hold on!

Your imagintion can also imagine that a plane might crash into your house any second or that a little rash on your elbow is flesh eating bacteria or that you’re not good enough to even get out of bed or that you should be a princess with your own castle.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 10.12.32 AM

You’re imagination just wants to play and it doesn’t care what it plays at. It can play at sad face just as well as happy face.

So when your imagination is clowning around to the point where you feel inharmonious with yourself, do not fret…

There’s a cure for sad/delusional/critical imagining. That cure is


Give your hungry imagination a playground. Sing a song, play an instrument, dance a jig, paint a picture, write a poem, act like a kook.

Why Art?  eg. when painting you move the paint on the paper and it moves you to listen for what to do next, you are engaged in a relationship of your own making. The need of the activity controls the rhythm, which is calming. It’s a kind of loving relationship without the jealousy and power issues. Art tames our imagination.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if human relationships were like painting a picture? If life was an art? If Art was taught in our schools?

Surprise – holding a baby is an Art.


…you were once a baby.