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…why we aren’t feminists at PinkyLuxSchool.

Here’s the thing.

It seems to us that the people whose bodies carry a child, birth a child and nurture a child should have some ideas about how to raise them as they go on to make up the entire world.

However, it just so happens that women have not been writing the books or coming up with the systems of thought that our world runs on.


 …name 3 women philosophers. Name 3 religions started by a woman. Name 3 systems of government developed by a woman.

Did you know that most physical movement systems were developed by men and on the male pelvis? That includes Yoga and Ballet. This is wonderful and no one here is upset by that.

At the PinkyLuxSchool we just want to add to what is already here, not yell at it.

And add we must.

The Feminist movement, like the vagina, has it’s place, of course. Feminism is a reaction to an old and deeply dug in perspective of what it is to be human. We are looking to add a new view, one that looks out from the Undercarriage.

Here we encourage woman, who own the worlds greatest creative engine, to develop new modes of living, thinking, designing and moving. Ideas that express the same intelligence and care that their bodies have for new life.

That would clearly mean a new system of math. No woman is going to truly understand a system of math that declares a family can have 2.5 children!



Math is simply a language that explains something. I will make one up right now from my Undercarriage. 1 + 1 = 1


Adding 1 thing to 1 other thing makes it part of 1 group. True? Yes it is. It depends on your perception. A woman can be a skanky whore or a potential for new ideas, it’s up to you to decide.

The first seven years of a child’s life determines a great deal about who the adult will be. A woman’s philosophy that included children would most likely not include raising them to go kill other peoples children. Where is this system of thought?

It’s coming.