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You don’t see a gorilla jogging about the forrest or a llama watching her weight. We are the crazy ones monkeying around with the most brilliant design on the planet.

Every human is born with the remarkable ability to stay at around 98.6 degrees. That is a pretty incredible thing considering our outside temperature is very rarely at 98.6.

Whether we get a paper cut or something much worst our bodies instantly start to mend and in my opinion do an excellent job of it.

Balancing – no problem, your body is making millions of adjustments a second to balance you, counterbalancing your every move so you don’t fall over in the middle of a meeting! Thanks for that! It gives you the grace to walk through a room, sensing where everything is so you can do a ‘walk and talk’ with ease.

When it’s time to rest it sends you into a sweet night with a surge of lovely chemicals  which includes paralyzing ones that prevent us from actually running in our dreams!

Day and night our bodies are designed to nourish, repair and build us in an incomprehensibly complex dance of biochemical maneuvers.

24/7/365 is something your body really knows. Without you giving it a thought it breathes for you, pumps your blood around, digests and hydrates you. And while it’s doing all this you are busy having your life in it, chatting, thinking, looking around, listening, touching, sensing, loving and dancing (I hope).

It offers you this gift of health because it wants you to have a great life! It’s saying, I got your back, go do your thing, I’m here for you, let’s get this party started!



What do we do? We wake up and before our body has a chance to show what energy it has prepared for us we slam it with a bunch of caffeine and proceed to monkey around with it from there. Starving it, overfeeding it, under watering it, pushing and pulling it to adjust to all our angers, our fears and demands from life. Then we hate it and make it do all these crazy ‘exercises’  because we don’t like the shape it’s giving us.

Oh, no! We don’t know how to have a Bestie!

And do you know what your body does?

It does it’s very best to maintain you. Always. Your health is your lighthouse in a storm. If you get to know your body and listen to it and respond with even a small amount of gentleness and understanding it will respond with true ‘good feelings’ for you. (‘Good Feelings’ are often confused with ones had by overriding the body’s systems. You know what I’m talking about.) 

Continuum is something that a wonderful woman inventor named Emily Conrad invented. It’s a movement modality that doesn’t try to get the body to learn a system but rather listens to the body and says ‘Body, how do you want to move?’


Ladies let’s get inventing!

Health is the true Beauty!