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Your foot is that thing that dangles off the end of your leg. It’s got those wiggly tips that turn out to be perfect for painting pretty colours.

From a Ladies Magazine;

“It’s true that surgical procedures such as shortening toes and even completely cutting off pinky toes are increasingly popular choices for ladies who simply have to fit into all those fab shoes.”

From Grimms’ Cinderella;

“The ugly step sister succeeded in getting her toe into the shoe, but her heel was way too big. Her mother handed her a knife and said: “Cut off part of your heel. Once you’re queen, you won’t need to go on foot anymore.””


Your foot has more in common with a slug than with a fancy shoe.

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And you know it.

Your foot is an artist of the highest degree. It’s the thing that carries you around – not the Prince! It’s joy is to feel where the ground is and give signals to your entire body so that you can balance, counterbalance, walk, move, dance without ever thinking! It registers hundreds of impulses a second and doesn’t even bug you about not getting enough praise or recognition for carrying you around willy-nilly here and there.

Barefoot is best! Let ’em spread out and feast on reading the ground!


Footwear has it’s place.

Before deciding on which pair to purchase it’s best to comparison shop. Here at the PinkyLuxSchool this is what we recommend.

Look at the foot bed, the inner soul of the shoe – sometimes it’s best for beginners to stand on a piece of paper and trace their foot. Then cut it out and take it shopping with you until you can recognize the true shape of your own foot – this is often necessary even though your own feet are right there with you.

Now. Think for a moment what kind of ‘bed’ you would want your hands to be in if you made them a bed –  a wooden coffin that squeezes your fingers together and deprives them of sensing? Could you yourself nestle into that foot ‘bed’ to go to sleep? Or would that leave you standing upside down with your head strapped into a box and your back aching?

And your feet are working while they are in this bed! Carrying you all around the town!

This thought process should eliminate about 90% of shoes on the market today. Then you can use your paper or real foot to test for freedom and articulation ability.

Ladies must get their heads out of the clouds and their feet back on the earth – to get inventing!

Ordering! Some moss shoes please!

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