….’theological thinking‘ and don’t even know it?

Even though you may not be a practicing ‘anything’ as far as religion is concerned there are some serious cultural habits you may have that are very old timey and need to be rooted out. If you are currently a religious person I am sure you can agree that these habits can make you thick headed.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 12.14.56 PM‘The Grampa Grouper’ is when someone fails to individualize, ‘Asians are terrible drivers’, ‘All pitbulls are dangerous’, ‘Women are bitches before their period’. This kind of lumping leads to prejudice and missing out on the truth of each humans uniqueness.

The cure: When someone – or when you – lay down one of these  agglomerations simple say ‘Oh, Grampa!’ as a gentle reminder.

‘Saintly thinking’ is when you think you are right for someone else. You are right for you and that is plenty. Someone else is right for themselves, suck it up. Healthy discussions are welcome.

The cure: When feeling ‘righteous’ ask yourself would you rather be kind or right. Being kind and right is very advanced!

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