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It’s very popular to not have an ego these days. The ego gets a very bad rap and many people feel it is the root of many problems. – egotistical, full of yourself – there are even classes on how to get rid of your ego.

Well, Ladies, here at the PinkyLuxSchool we want you to do no such thing! The female ego hasn’t even had a proper debutantes ball into society yet and it becomes popular not to have one.

We must bring into full fashion the true ‘Female Identity’ and let the world get a load of how innately intelligent and wisely kind women are.

The first to realize this of course will be you!


If you want to know what the world thinks of us go watch a Romantic Comedy!

It’s time to bring out your real Ego!!!

Start identifying with the vehicle you are cruising around in – the greatest creative collection of protoplasm the world has ever known. No more whining about your menstrual cycle and how someone doesn’t understand how to love you.

You have bigger fish to fry.

Ego – the part of a person that is conscious and thinks; the self

I know it has been tough what with the Barbie doll as an ideal and living in a world that has been built in thought word and deed by the hard work of the male of our species.

Wait a minute!

Every one of those males was grown in the female body! Nice work!

It is the female body that is the beginning of all creation!

What kind of world would have been created if the female of our species had been raised to create the world? If culture had listened to the harmony and rhythm of the womb from which they came from to expand our world?  What lives would we be living?

The world we live in was certainly inspired by the male creative organ what with the shooting of guns being so popular along with the rushing around the world marking everyone else’s territory with DNA.

Add your true female ego to the mix! Be ‘full of yourself’!


The world needs you!