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…past, present and future.

We would like during this season of remembrance for all to place a hand over your heart for the hardships, confusion, shame, cruelty and sometimes torture and death that LGBT people have faced during their struggle to be accepted and free.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, once stated, “The government does not belong in the bedrooms of the people”.

If you disagree with this very reasonable statement then perhaps you are suffering from ‘Genital Concern’.  Do you find yourself concerned about other peoples genitals? What they look like? What they might be doing? Wondering what they might do next?

Someone else’s genitals is non of your concern and you know it.


We have the LGBT people to thank for inspiring us to rethink our conscious,  unconscious and ancestral ideas about what our business is in regard to sex, freedom and love.

And perhaps most importantly for driving the evolution of consciousness into a place where we train ourselves to look at the humanity of each person. To look past gender and fashion and colour and class right into the beating heart of each person. To meet one another on an even playing field of shared humanity.

Thank you.

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And though your struggle continues we at the PinkyLuxSchool offer our gratitude and a shoulder to lean on.

We all come out of the body of a woman, we all carry nature’s hope.