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 You are reading this partly because your blood is rushing around inside you making trillions of life creating exchanges that your mere mind cannot begin to comprehend.

Makes you wonder why we listen to our mind at all!

Our ancestors puzzled over blood. If someone got cut and too much of this substance leaked out the person would die. When blood stopped coming to a woman for several moons a baby would grow in her.

It’s blood that makes life! Blood staying in a woman is what makes a human! Blood is the juice that creates life!

Now this was a reasonable thing to surmise when sex was a function like eating and crapping, just part of the rhythm of life.

Male circumcision began as a rite to give the pubescent male the power of blood in his nether regions. This mimicked the blood that came to a young woman when her body began to menstruate, the male emulating this ‘magical’ and life creating body change in order to gain power over life.

This view of menstrual blood led to the hope that sacrificing an animal, it’s blood dedicated to some spirit/god/power, would grant wishes. (no judgement)

The bible reads like an endless hack and whack of some lovely farm animals and often people as well. eg: to get rid of leprosy: sacrifice a ram and two sheep, have their entrails read by the priest and their blood wiped on your right side. Rivers of blood flowed in the temples and on alters worldwide.

People, get a grip, it’s just a menstrual cycle!

The next evolutionary Aha! was when someone realized that it wasn’t blood but semen that created life. I wish I could say this was an improvement but alas, no.  Now that men could claim ownership of a child, they wanted to make sure that the child was theirs and began controlling female sexual freedom.

Nothing tampers a woman’s sex drive more than seeing her besties’ head get chopped off for having a child while their husband was at war.

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Give menstruation a break!

Menstruation is the sign of a healthy body. ‘PMS’ is a sign that you need to improve some aspect of your health – unless you think you were designed to go crabbing around, getting all weepy and irrational. This myth gets used to deny women responsible jobs and dismiss viable and needed discussions.

Don’t take pills to stop your flow! The world could learn from the rhythm of the cycle of creation you carry – it’s exhausted from trying to be run like a machine!

This in no way means you should be waving your tampons in peoples faces! Absolument pas! Menstruation is not a sport!

Ride that rhythm ladies! It’s what life requires!

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Eat more veggies! Get sound sleep! Hydrate! Listen to your body!

It’s trying to love you!