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If you think there would be;

Roads paved in pink; mandatory afternoon tea and chat time; Piggy Back rides instead of cars; rescue dogs getting the vote; men running around in high heels in hopes of getting a sexy glance; cities designed like enchanted fairy lands; older women tossing away their partners for younger ones; buildings bedazzled by law; men wearing sheets and hiding in homes while women ride around naked with the wind in their hair; menstrual tents on every corner; holidays dedicated to crying.

Then you don’t know women at all!

Just as sperm emerges from a man’s body, people emerge from a woman’s body.

If a man’s body inspires him to build guns, submarines, skyscrapers and pursue imperialistic exploration then it is highly probable that a woman’s body would inspire her to create;

Political centres that share a wall with a birthing centre; grandmothers having veto power; people living underground and growing food on their roofs; walls and bridges grown from a bacterial batter; hugs would be the only therapy; no computers needed as woman’s intuition would find a way to connect the entire world; if you had a quarrel with a neighbour you would have to go live with them and eat their food and learn their language, not kill them; telling the truth would be so fun there would be no need for lawyers; it would be natural for all bodies, no matter what style, to have dignity; electricity would be developed from fireflies and yes… there would be lots of dancing to the sound of the wind and things would be bedazzled.

Let your body think!

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