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Let’s get a bead on ‘you’ first.

You seem to be an interactive biological entity.The basic principal of you seems to be, stuff going in and stuff going out. Let’s check that.

Sperm comes into a woman’s body and a baby comes out.

Breath comes into the baby body, goes in and out,  goes out one last time and that’s it.

Food and water go in, waste and water go out.

Consciousness comes in and you wake, consciousness goes out and you sleep.

Feelings come in,  feelings go out.

Thoughts come in, thoughts go out.

Information comes in, information goes out.

Experiences come in, memories come out.

Education comes in, education comes out.

Ideas come in, ideas come out.


Your developing self took in all these experiences with your family, your culture, your education and mingled it and sorted it and stored it in your flesh and brain.

So here you are, a bag of ideas and theories and hopes and swirling, competing thoughts! Tah dah!

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Which thoughts are yours? Are you busy thinking other people thoughts?

Of course you are! You are jammed to the roof with them!

Re-thinking is the key!

What should you re-think? Everything!


Do you think gossip has value? What do you think real beauty is? How many different kinds of love do you feel? What is love? Does jealousy have value? Are your prejudices your own? Are your fears actual? Are the things you think actual facts? Who is running your show?

I hope it’s you!