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Can we, as a country, afford to be healthy? Broken people are a huge industry!

What industries reap economic value from having people broken?

The prison system supports not only corporations supplying food, clothing, employment and building but is also the downline of all lawyers and law makers – no wonder it’s booming!  The medical industry supports insurance companies, all kinds of equipment manufacturers from beds to machines to linens to trillions of plastic doohickies. It legitimizes drug companies and employs millions of people. They all need to pay rent! We can’t afford to be well!

Childhood is where we develop our ideas about what life, love, nutrition and values are. If you are going to break someone this is the place to start! Children have become a target for sophisticated opportunistic vendors who ply their trade not in the interest of childhood but so they can buy things for themselves! They look at child development and harness it to create consumers! Would you eat a lunch from a school lunch program?  

If you are poor and can’t consume you are more likely to end up in jail by trying to find a way to get money through drugs, theft or murder. Then you can get the same lunch you had as a child!

The food industry is futssing with some molecules right now so they can convince your taste buds that their chemical mashup is tasty! Eat it! Add some tasty stress so you can  get sick and help pay someone else’s bills!

The drugging of children to fit into classroom expectations is rising every year. Young developing brains are training themselves to adapt to drugs. How will they know who they are without them? Does that matter? Doctors liberally prescribe Adderall (speed) so that millions of students can do better on exams by temporarily holding onto information.

Prescription drug overdoses on the rise!

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Madness or ‘whatever’?

Teenage suicide on the rise – ‘whatever’?

Prison population bloated – ‘whatever’?

Poor nutrition and stress creating illness – ‘whatever’?

Wait a minute you know all this!

Vote with your dollar! Vote with your rethinking!

Vote with children in mind!



Children are what women produce.

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What is a child? You were once one.

You know.

A deep thank you to Joseph Chilton Pearce for his inspiration, dedication and determination to unfold the truth about children. ttfuture.org

*We acknowledge the miracle of modern medicine, the need for laws and the effort to feed everyone. It’s the super hardest thing to use something by degrees! Have you ever tried to diet!