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And stop raising children to be Hero’s!

Let’s raise them to be mothers and fathers instead!

‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ the verb!

To mother, to father.

Not to save the world but to take care of it!

 Not bunches of punches but listening!

Imagine! Industry being run with the spirit of taking care of everyone and yes that means nap and snack every day!

Government leaders who were mothers and fathers first would rethink sending children off to go kill other children! Ce ne pas possible!

Everyday, mothers and fathers suck it up, get over it, accept and move on, dig deep, go beyond, rise above, figure it out, push to the limit, push some more, invent a way, make it happen, pull it off, hope for the best, stand up, hold out, hold on, try again, never give up, embrace, hold, struggle. Why?

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 Because love trains them.

 Too corny? Not ironic enough? Not ‘winning’?

Not to be rude but you are here because nobody managed to kill you. However crap you feel your childhood was I bet there were more ‘heroic’ moments in caring for you than in all the super hero stories ever told.

Mothering and Fathering are an attitude, a point of view, a perception. They are not gender or age specific and can be applied to anything and anyone. They are part of your basic package in the art of being human. They are probably the reason why you like all those cat pictures. They offer; being bigger than your circumstance, including all, accepting things as they are, patience, laughter, grit, gratitude and the most nurturing sets of eggs and balls you will ever encounter.

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Isn’t that enough?

* This post has nothing to do with the fact that there are almost no female super heroes and hardly anyone ever even says Heroine.