Just the other day I saw a lovely lady walking down the street in some comfortable shorty shorts and a bit of a tee shirt. She was glowing with health and freedom.  She had no care in the world –  she wasn’t even on her cell phone! Sometimes a man passing her would glance at her and sometimes a man wouldn’t. Everyone was just going about their day!

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How can this be! Aren’t men driven mad by the sight of a lovely lady almost naked enjoying a stroll in the sun? Isn’t she at risk of being violated? Isn’t she a whore and a slut and ruining the world with her smooth gams? Controlling men’s minds and driving them away from healthy thoughts and deeds? No, she is not! Millions of ladies worldwide enjoy the sun on their skin and the freedom to dress as they choose. And men live respectfully among them!

Men can just as easily be conditioned to manage their sexual urges as to be ruled by them. Men everywhere are doing it every day, all the time.

Good job men! Thank you!

Freedom of dress for women allows men to adjust themselves as they grow into their sexuality. Hiding women denies men an opportunity to evolve their sexuality and frames them as weak and unable to develop themselves beyond animal instincts. It disrespects there innate strength to adapt and mature.

Men! We know you are good evolvers! You prove it everyday.

At the Pinkylux School we tell the truth about nature’s plan and the truth about our sexual selves.

Nature’s plan for us is this;

First – young girls begin the change into womanhood with their menstrual cycles. This new hormonal smell then triggers the male to begin puberty. Nature’s plan for us to have sex is cyclical, triggered by the fertile smell of the ovulating female. You were not designed to be jacked up on sex every second. You were designed to be sexually rhythmic and triggered by the female’s hormonal shift.

Wow what happened!

Culture has the power to harness your sexuality for creativity, aggression, work, reward, punishment, power, enjoyment, shame, shopping, comfort, barter, manipulation, love, etc!

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How is your sexuality doing?