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You can be quite certain that if a lady births an idea from the greatest reproductive area that ever lived it will be a lovely one. Lovely for women and children and men and pregnant ladies and pets and plants and earth and skies.

A Lovely Lady with many brilliant ideas is Marilyn Waring. She thinks that when a country measures it’s GNP that all work should be counted, not just the work for money but housework and cooking and caring for children and the elderly. After all, that work is what really makes the human world go round. Even to embrace this in your own thinking brain can be radical. To behave like this is true, can begin a revolution, a revelation revolution!

Try it!


If we can’t value women and children as they are maybe we can value them if we think of them as money makers! We don’t need to change the system but become part of it! Slip yourself into the money stream with every pot you stir, every bed you make, every child you encourage, every garden you plant, every neighbour you check in on. Let’s turn this lumbering ship around!

Or what about the reverse of that! Giving the monetary world the value we give to feeding and caring! We are feeding the GNP when we shop! We are nourishing the GNP with every dollar saved or spent. The GNP is at our breast! A dollar = a vote! 

This season trembles with the spirit of money – haunting, lusting money with the power of a religious force. I know you feel it. Money is suppose to be a symbol of work done, of labour but it has run amuk and become so many different things – a game, numbers on paper, power, generosity, love, fear, security, greed, sex, confidence, happiness, freedom.

Money is what you make it.

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