Science is very busy studying sick people. And then we get very busy scanning ourselves for all things wrong. We forget that health is our natural state!

Let’s start studying healthy people and scanning ourselves for what is healthy. What about all the people that didn’t die of the plaque. Let’s study them!

You arrived here from out of a mothers undercarriage with many remarkable abilities!

Breathing without effort, staying near 98.6 degrees, beating heart, circulating blood , digestion and assimilation on the ready, wounds able to heal, lymph draining, tissues replacing, sleep producing, senses sensing, a plan to grow up!

Health is the your base reality of being human. Your body has a mandate to keep you balanced and asks only for air, water, food and rest.

When your balance is off you become unbalanced or ‘sick’. Your body in it’s effort to maintain starts acting all clunky and challenged, manifesting what we experience as uncomfortable feelings we call symptoms.

Pretty much every symptom that your body expresses can be stopped – pains, coughs, rashes, runaway fluids – by a trip to your drug store!

Why can’t it be just a little like the old days when you got to go to the Alps for three months and convalesce! Those were the days!

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If we took time to recover would we know ourselves better? Know better how to maintain balance? Become to know our living system that is us?

Basically your body takes in stuff from the outside and decides is it ‘self’ or ‘non-self’. ‘Self’ it keeps and turns it into more you. ‘Non-self’ it eliminates. Are we confusing the bodies idea of ‘self’ with all our fussing about?

Has sickness any value? Could it teach us the boundary of our limits? Could it teach us respect for our base? Could it give us a freakin’ break from being plugged into the rat race and our churning mind? To emerge more ourselves?

Does sickness bring us closer to the truth of our actions. Are we hiding behind our ability to suppress symptoms? Have we lost the real messages our body is trying to tell us? And now are slowly losing our minds as well!

Doctors know that their job is to work with the innate healing powers of your body not instead of them. The only thing more miraculous that modern medicine is you!

It is said that at the end of his life Louis Pasteur, who is the father of germ theory, declared that his perspective was in error. He realized that germs are everywhere present, it’s the integrity of the health of the individual human that determines wether they get sick or not. 

Must off and scan myself for health! Have a prosperous flu season!

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