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Not just because women’s produce is children and these children in turn produce all that humans ever have and will ever produce but also because mothers have already changed the world. The pain and fortitude of mothers has produced change in laws.

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Who is a mother?  You might be one and not know it. Yes, to be sure, we all have a mother and came into this world after being carried under her heart. There is also ‘one who mothers’ which can include anyone when they engage themselves in ‘bringing  up with care and affection’. ‘Mothers Against Drunk Driving’ did not give up until they had created a law infused with the care and affection that they knew so well.

It’s too bad that Mothers and mothering are not more popular in the business and political world. A corporation is not a person because it did not come out of the body of a woman. It’s a good thing that ‘mothering’ isn’t interested in being popular and has a great internal engine that can stay the course and get things done. Are we all not ‘bringing up’ the world at this very moment! Of course we are!

Don’t think mothers are strong enough! Mothers are so powerful that many people often have a deep unconscious hate for their mother and feel as little out of control babies if they think of being kind and thoughtful. It certainly seems that way! Time for them to have a snack and nap while we organize and vote!

Do you think mothering is too soft, too mamby-pamby to turn this ship around. Then you don’t know mothering. Mothers are fierce and perhaps should be the only ones deciding who will die in war or for a crime. Those who brought life into this world are the only ones that have the true knowledge of when it’s right to take it out.

It’s not the time of the great mother mythical spirit, nor the goddess but actual mothers, real mothering, from you – your care and affection and grit and grace.

Our time to bring up the world is now and you know it.

Let’s gather.

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