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You, a human being, followed a brilliant developmental plan to get to where you are, just like a carrot or a mouse did. There are rhythmic time frames from conception onward designed to bloom a human.

In utero, the biological form is prepared so that when the fetus emerges from the female body it can take its first breath, become animated and continue being alive until it’s last breath.

* this alone is worth pondering, if you have ever had the fortune to see a baby being born or a person die – breathing vs not breathing is about as astounding as it gets – better even than Cirque du Soliel!

In a way you are your own ancestor – your body is the result of a long chain of bodies that survived and bred before you – your ideas about life are hand me downs from ages past bumping up against the emerging you. So….

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…gird thy loins to raise your rooftop as your own personal evolution is a daunting task and it would be easier to grow a beak.

As babies and children we learn through movement, play and mimicry. A child is not capable of true thinking and abstract thought until it has the brain structure to so do. A toaster is not an oven! Our culture is so enamoured by thinking that we see a roast when there is only toast!

Thinking is designed to be in service to our awareness and inspiration! Cut off from inspiration, thinking has little energy as it clunkers around aimlessly, shifting thought centres. It’s got to do something while it waits at the curb for it’s driver! Waiting can cause much anxiety as it’s an untaught art!

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When we realized how bad exhaust fumes from automobiles were for the air we breath, why didn’t we take that as an inspiring challenge! Why the resistance!

Old thoughts that we picked up from our ancestors are sitting on the throne! Only because we are not schooled in our biological truth! If we followed inspiration we would re-think our thinking and renew ourselves! And be ourselves!

No matter what age you are, inspiration is food just waiting for you to sit down and feast! This is what you are really hungry for! This is the natural way of evolution and human development, open to all! Young, old, rich, poor, sick, healthy!

That means you! Get to it, we all need you!

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Invite in your inspiration and  re-think everything!