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A man and a woman cannot be equal. Must we keep seeking equality that is measured by a system that is in dire need of a makeover? Why are women trying to be equal to men? Maybe men should be trying to be equal to woman!

But wait.

What does society show us about women – gossipy, menstruating romantics that live for a diamond ring. Bad at math creatures who are taught that ‘acceptance’ comes from controlling your appearance so you can then control others with it. That shopping is a skill equal to inventing. That love is getting someone to do what you want. No wonder we are trying to be equal to men! Even though the system that defines what a ‘man’ is puts men in a misogynist mind state! So women are trying to be equal from inside a philosophy that establishes them as objects to be managed. Can this battle be won?

Romantic comedies continue to  show us that if a man stalks you and tricks you he will eventually ‘get’ you.

One of the greatest movies ever made ‘the godfather’ is the story of a love struck young woman who falls for a man with a big fun family who keep her in the dark about how she lives in luxury and gets a smack when she steps out of line.

 Let’s stop trying to force women to be equal to men. Men aren’t all that super happy with the pressure and perverse values that are hanging around their necks. What we need are new creeds to aspire to, all of us together. We don’t have to destroy anything we simply have to add so much true female intelligence of body, mind and soul that the cake of our culture becomes something tasty for everyone.

When my niece was a little girl her mother was explaining to her what college was ‘ A place where you can go and be a veterinarian or a teacher or a lawyer.’  My niece said, ‘Oh, can’t you just go and be yourself.’ Yes, women, just go out into the world and first be yourself, a woman. A type of human who is loved by nature simply because you are sporting it’s greatest design in the universe – the female body, the maker of humans. Don’t want to make a human? Bring forth a new idea, a political system, an economic theory, art and stories and shove them down our throats because we need female designed thought to stand up and inspire us into a new way of being together. Where men, women, children and pregnant woman are considered and respected and supported by reason that is born from reason.


There is a hole in the ozone.

Your voice is missing.