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You know by now that we are searching beyond feminist thought. Feminist thought remains a reaction to a patriarchal system that itself needs an overhaul. We are laying down a philosophy that begins and strives to remain true to the simple fact that everyone’s first home was inside the body of a woman. Children are what women produce. Children become the world. What the hell is going on.

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It’s time to take a look at excavating that pernicious veil that culture tosses over us as a survival tool – competition and gossip!

Gossip is a currency of cruelty that we are taught to use as a way to empower ourselves by bringing another person down!

Most often a lovely lady!

Gossip is part of the culture of competition where we make a ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ out of every choice that another human being makes as they attempt to live out their bag of tricks that they were handed as a child. Gossiping is a way of shaming and criticizing in absentia and boy does it feel good! Tasty morsels of ‘I am right’ delicious bonbons of ‘aren’t we better than’, glorious chats between people that are bonded by the common cause of diminishing another while harvesting a feeling of winning!

No wonder women struggle to have a voice! They are being nitpicked about their every move by other women!  It would be quite shocking for woman to become known for discourse over new ideas that aren’t about nail polish, body image or love problems!


You know what’s in your conversation.