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With deep appreciation to all who have been reading the blog, the book is now available in many countries!

 I think the ideas in the book make it a perfect gift. It looks like a Dr.Suess book, each chapter is only a page, there are lots of pictures, built to inspire through laughter, rethinking and the odd fact. Perfect for a man, a woman, a teen, women’s shelters, bridal showers, charities, a bookstore or a bathroom this book is designed to share. Read it, sign it and pass it on – old school viral. As you know it’s my belief that it’s our misperceptions about women that keeps the madness in place.

Here are some locations that it should be available. Please let me know if they are happening. It’s been a bit clunky so far!

In Canada;


In the US;



In United Kingdom/Europe;

http://www.amazon.co.uk  or  www.bookdepository.co.uk  or www.thebookcommunity.com

In Australia;

http://www.rainbowbooks.com.au or www.thenile.com.au

Onward, Ladies!