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…and Charlie Rose is there waiting to interview them. That would be no joke.

Jeffery Epstein is a convicted pedophile, Jian Ghomeshi is about to go to trial for  multiple sexual abuses and Bill Cosby has been accused of raping and drugging women.  These three men have been collectively accused by more than seventy young woman. Google these men, all three are very current affairs.

Seventy young women. What do you think? Are they all lying? Even if some are, how many others didn’t come forward? If you think most are telling the truth what is going on in our culture? Are women’s voices finally been taken seriously? Is this an opportunity to realize how we look at our values, what is sex, what is power, what is a girl? Are we raising young girls, to accept being in service to men’s objectification in hopes of obtaining their own money and power? What does this do to our boys who become our men?

The young women’s stories are of being hunted and groomed to satisfy a fetish. A culture that uses sex to sell, fame like a religion and money as it’s highest goal should expect nothing less.

Young girls without aware parenting and grounded role models see their image as their power and sex as a commodity. And that the way that they look and trade pleasing for approval is the currency of being female.

The world that a parent prepares a child to come into should welcome the uniqueness and respect the nature of what that child is becoming. How quickly children become wards of consumerism and distort themselves to fit in. These young girls/women did not become victims overnight, they were bred, by all of us.

And now they speak up and are heard, so many at the same moment. But if Charlie Rose interviewed these three men it would be a joke – they and their high priced lawyers would deny all these women’s voices and things would go on as before.

And now Fifty Shades of Grey is about to open. Gee, Golly, Hollywood after years of seeing thousands of screen images of women being tortured, raped and killed now get a movie where a woman actually likes being tied up and screwed – oh, and the man is a billionaire btw. What progress.

Wendel Meldrum is the author of ‘What is a Woman’ Because it’s Absurd to Be One on Planet Earth, etc.”