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Everyone that ever lived was formed inside a women’s body. We owe our physical form to a woman. We nestled inside her and lived off 25% of her blood supply. We all emerged from a woman whose body is designed to care for us. One would think that a culture would have developed to learn from and nurture this form, in turn, building a world that¬†respected her what she produced from her body – people!

Instead we grew to battle against the truth of our bodies because we are enslaved by cultural ideas that shame and control a woman’s body robbing us of the intimacy, grace and appreciation of our true home.

How is it we all share this first home but evolved not to ask mothers how we should be to ourselves and others? Why didn’t we value her innate wisdom and build upon her ideas about how to get through a day, plan a community, share our food supply?

How perverse we have become, hurrying our children to fit into a society that values our shopping ability over our humanity. Unconnected to our subtle instincts we push our biologies like machines, then medicate them. A greater crime than polluting the earth is how we have polluted the body of women – her image used for sexual fuel to be judged as to how much she is getting everyone off. And then we ask her to be silent. Who can listen to ideas while masturbating?

The programming is deep and often subtle. I participate in it as well as I am raised in it. To know it and to live it are a chasm apart.

Are women even inside women anymore?

Yes, they are. Their bodies know. Under the fashion and nail polish and dieting every woman is gifted with the voice of biological creation. There lies our hope.

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