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So I have posted episode #4 ‘Inventing’ – If woman had invented the world.

Will post #5 ‘Saddest History ever!’on the weekend and have just recorded #6. It takes a few hours to write each 15-18 minutes piece, the recording is reasonably quick though I do have to work around planes, trucks, dogs, leaf blowers and construction noise. It takes Patric and I about 8 hours to add the music and sound effects. My plan is to string them all together in one piece once it is complete so it plays like a 2 and half hour radio play or rather monoplay that delivers a download from the premise ‘everyone’s first home was a woman’s body so what the hell happened’. Then I am going to get a bunch of people together to get high/or not, lie on the floor and listen to the whole thing. Then I will interview them. Let me know if you want to take the trip when it’s done.

If you haven’t checked it out you can listen below on itunes



just go to the podcast link  on this page. thanks.


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Ballet. Lovely ballet. My body figured out the pain issues with the help of the Egoscue book ‘Pain Free’. A few things  made a huge difference;

1) realizing that basically the entire back of the body is for strength and the front for flexibility – it’s easy to check myself and remind the back of me to hold me as my default has been to ask the front of my hips to hoist me around (psoas) and that pulls on my lower back.

2) my lower spine functions better when allowing it’s natural curve – I had tended to tuck my tail under, even when hiking uphill and I see now how that forced me to use the wrong muscles.

3) the body needs space to naturally find it’s desired comfort place – every chance I get I allow my body to let go and take it’s comfort position as I can get stuck in a holding pattern which is not natural for easy daily movement.

I am going slowly.