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When I was a teenager I read ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’. It was a retelling of the story of Jesus by three different scholars using historical data. I didn’t come from a religious family but was aware of the basic plot points of the biblical Jesus. The thrill of having my brain scaffolding of ‘what I thought was true’ collapse from factual repatterning is something that I have sought out ever since. Robin Grille’s book ‘Parenting for a Peaceful World’ was one of those books. It is shocking and loaded with information that I feel is important to know. If you dare get yourself a copy.

In the book, Grille, mentioned a man, Lloyd de Mause, as being someone who he was getting information from. So, now this is some ten years ago, I went to New York City and met Lloyd in a coffee shop. He had a soft spoken passion and seemed like a man who was worn from swimming against the main stream. He gave me some literature and I signed up for a year of his newsletter. He was a corner stone for an international movement of historians relooking at all things ‘childhood’.

For many years,  my bedside table Bestie has been the books of Joseph Chilton Pearce. His ground in the truth about childhood development it essential reading. I was honoured to introduce him as a speaker when I hosted the 50th anniversary of the Highland Hall Waldorf school.

So, I present, Episode #5…for you.

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