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Here is the link to the Podcast about genitals;



Regarding the topic of ‘Genitals’ I witnessed a bit of evolution while in Canada last week. My husband I were walking with a friend and his dog. We crossed the street and ran into a neighbor of our friend – a woman with her three year old in a stroller. The little girl reached out her arms to the dog and the mother unbuckled her so she could embrace her doggy friend. When the mother introduced the girl to us she got shy and put her head into her stroller with her bum in the air. We all looked down as the girl’s bum was right at the level of the dog’s nose. The dog started to sniff her bum. There was a slight waver in the air as everyone scanned the situation. Our friend didn’t pull on his dog. The mother didn’t try to turn her daughter around. The dog took a couple of sniffs and lost interest. The girl was able to continue to feel shy with her head in her stroller. Everyone got respected and nature took it’s course.

These past few days I have been thinking  about Joseph Chilton Pearce who started the process of dying a few days ago and posted this on FB https://ttfuture.org/blog/michael/transcending-personal-death

Thought that this would be an eye opening read and have ordered it. A little inside look at the CDC getting out into the world seems like just the thing. https://www.amazon.com/Master-Manipulator-Explosive-Embezzlement-Government/dp/151070843X?ie=UTF8&ct=t(Bring_Vaxxed_to_a_city_near_you_4_30_2016)