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Have wrapped up the monologuing I’ve been doing with Patric Caird. So appreciative of all the listeners and warmth that came my way as I continue expanding this philosophy. I will now go to another level and put it into a different form.


‘One more punch. Always give one more punch’.

That’s a quote from a Yogananda booklet on success that a friend of mine left at my house many moons ago. I thought, ‘Yeah, Meditating Yoga Dude, that’s how real life is, it needs punches.’  So, even if you are only able to punch in your imagination…punch.

The book I recommend is Feral by George Monbiot  It’s a great read and speaks to rewilding nature vs conserving nature. Informative, hopeful and real.


The film I recommend is Into the Forest by Patricia Rozema which I wrote a blog about and want to give it another shout out. It  gets called a chick flick instead of ‘hey check out this film’. And so it goes.


Also just read Kitten Clone by Douglas Coupland who has a masterful voice regarding culture.


I wish you many good punches.