How’s your ‘Dog on Dog?’ The Ghomeshi Scandal as Evolutionary Tool.


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By ‘Dog on Dog’ I mean our innate ability to sense another being through our whole body. Go to the dog park and marvel at the honest way dogs sniff, lick, tail tuck, snarl, snap, hump,rub, wag, play, bark, when meeting another dog. What are their bodies telling them – Is it safe? Can I play? Am I in danger? Should I run? Initiate a Game? Walk away?

We have our own ‘Dog on Dog’ response to ‘the other’ as well. Our challenge is our own unique imprinting through our ancestry, our family, our education, our community, our generation and our experiences that we have through those lenses. Our survival has many complex layers and filters that often contradict and override our bodies instinct. And unlike an animal we scent ourselves with deodorants, hair and body products, perfumes and colognes to mask our ‘smell’ which contains many secrets that ‘our animal’ can read with ease.

‘Am I safe’ can be filtered through an opportunity to get a job over our personal safety. The hope of ‘being connected’ to a life we dream of can erode our standards of behavior. The dream of ‘finding love’ can mask our gut instincts.

Our immune system has one basic job, to determine what is self and what is non-self. Air, food and drink comes in and gets sorted into ‘Yup, this is health building or nope, not a healthy item, sending it out.’  Our immune system weighs and measures itself against our most precious gift – our homeostasis, our innate equilibrium. Our whole being mimics this process as we build our unique selves.

We spend much of our lives discovering who we are not. Which actions, decisions and thoughts are ‘who am I’ and which are ‘who am I not’. Recovery from being a victim of a sexual assault (yes, it happened to me too) is a deep and profound rising up, peeling away, re-grounding of what it is to be ‘Walking While Woman.’

I hope we are not just waiting for the next newsy soundbite in the Jian story or the next shocking news story to take our attention for a few days. Beyond justice and victim/perpetrator identities are the voices of women to be heard in how we educate, govern and treat people. Because a woman’s body is designed for patience and survival through nurturing she asks not what is good for the economy but what is good for humanity.

Can women even hear their own deep wisdom anymore?

The answer is yes, yes they can.

If they listen for it.

If you listen for it.

Jian Ghomeshi and the deeper Questions.


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I write this blog as a response to the Jiam Ghomeshi Facebook post,, the Toronto Starr article and the many articles and comments  spawned by them. I take it as an opportunity to look deeply at our culture and put forward some questions to ask ourselves.

We often talk of objectifying women, how deep does our objectification go?

objectify –  present as an object

What do we mean by ‘object.’

objectanything that is visible or tangible and is relatively stable in form.

Now I ask you, does that sound like a woman?

It does describe something that we would purchase, shop for, want to own.

Did our consumer culture come first or did expecting women to be ‘visible or tangible and relatively stable’ come first? Did you think it was funny when ‘relatively stable’ was put with ‘sounds like a woman?’.

Can you feel the difference of how woman live on the inside of themselves vs. how they are treated from the outside? Can you feel it in yourself?

Are you aware of the manipulations women do to themselves in order to feel, safe, loved and employable? Sure, make-up, hair and wardrobe but also inflections in their voice, pleasing, scanning for the boundaries of ‘where is safety’, ‘where is rage’, ‘where am I’.

Are you asking a woman, who inhabits the greatest biological design ever evolved, you know the one – the one from which you emerged from, what she thinks about the world, what she would like to invent, what her philosophy of life is? Or are you too busy thinking about what to say next or how to get what you want from her or maybe glancing around for someone who will give you a better sexual hit or maybe advance your career?

If we are objectifying women are we then objectifying what they produce from their bodies – children? Are children being raised to fit into the culture at the expense of fitting into themselves first?

Are you a woman who has been raised in a political/cultural/religious/artistic culture that has been built on the ideas of men and sit around criticizing and judging other women instead of developing your own ideas to help evolve us out of this mess?

We need your voice. Men need it, children need it.

The Book is now Available!


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With deep appreciation to all who have been reading the blog, the book is now available in many countries!

 I think the ideas in the book make it a perfect gift. It looks like a Dr.Suess book, each chapter is only a page, there are lots of pictures, built to inspire through laughter, rethinking and the odd fact. Perfect for a man, a woman, a teen, women’s shelters, bridal showers, charities, a bookstore or a bathroom this book is designed to share. Read it, sign it and pass it on – old school viral. As you know it’s my belief that it’s our misperceptions about women that keeps the madness in place.

Here are some locations that it should be available. Please let me know if they are happening. It’s been a bit clunky so far!

In Canada;

In the US;

In United Kingdom/Europe;  or  or

In Australia; or

Onward, Ladies!


Finally …News!!!


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             Yes, it has been forever since my last post…Super true!!!

The wonderful reason is that I have been working on a book inspired by my blog. This way you can have something tactile and visceral to hold while mulling and musing over what a woman is. It will definitely be a page turner and perhaps a lovely gift to inspire rethinking about the Undercarriage and such.

It’s set to go to the printers next week so fingers crossed all goes well.


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Women, Gossip & Competition. Yup it’s time!


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You know by now that we are searching beyond feminist thought. Feminist thought remains a reaction to a patriarchal system that itself needs an overhaul. We are laying down a philosophy that begins and strives to remain true to the simple fact that everyone’s first home was inside the body of a woman. Children are what women produce. Children become the world. What the hell is going on.

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It’s time to take a look at excavating that pernicious veil that culture tosses over us as a survival tool – competition and gossip!

Gossip is a currency of cruelty that we are taught to use as a way to empower ourselves by bringing another person down!

Most often a lovely lady!

Gossip is part of the culture of competition where we make a ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ out of every choice that another human being makes as they attempt to live out their bag of tricks that they were handed as a child. Gossiping is a way of shaming and criticizing in absentia and boy does it feel good! Tasty morsels of ‘I am right’ delicious bonbons of ‘aren’t we better than’, glorious chats between people that are bonded by the common cause of diminishing another while harvesting a feeling of winning!

No wonder women struggle to have a voice! They are being nitpicked about their every move by other women!  It would be quite shocking for woman to become known for discourse over new ideas that aren’t about nail polish, body image or love problems!


You know what’s in your conversation.

Stop trying to get women to be equal to men!


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A man and a woman cannot be equal. Must we keep seeking equality that is measured by a system that is in dire need of a makeover? Why are women trying to be equal to men? Maybe men should be trying to be equal to woman!

But wait.

What does society show us about women – gossipy, menstruating romantics that live for a diamond ring. Bad at math creatures who are taught that ‘acceptance’ comes from controlling your appearance so you can then control others with it. That shopping is a skill equal to inventing. That love is getting someone to do what you want. No wonder we are trying to be equal to men! Even though the system that defines what a ‘man’ is puts men in a misogynist mind state! So women are trying to be equal from inside a philosophy that establishes them as objects to be managed. Can this battle be won?

Romantic comedies continue to  show us that if a man stalks you and tricks you he will eventually ‘get’ you.

One of the greatest movies ever made ‘the godfather’ is the story of a love struck young woman who falls for a man with a big fun family who keep her in the dark about how she lives in luxury and gets a smack when she steps out of line.

 Let’s stop trying to force women to be equal to men. Men aren’t all that super happy with the pressure and perverse values that are hanging around their necks. What we need are new creeds to aspire to, all of us together. We don’t have to destroy anything we simply have to add so much true female intelligence of body, mind and soul that the cake of our culture becomes something tasty for everyone.

When my niece was a little girl her mother was explaining to her what college was ‘ A place where you can go and be a veterinarian or a teacher or a lawyer.’  My niece said, ‘Oh, can’t you just go and be yourself.’ Yes, women, just go out into the world and first be yourself, a woman. A type of human who is loved by nature simply because you are sporting it’s greatest design in the universe – the female body, the maker of humans. Don’t want to make a human? Bring forth a new idea, a political system, an economic theory, art and stories and shove them down our throats because we need female designed thought to stand up and inspire us into a new way of being together. Where men, women, children and pregnant woman are considered and respected and supported by reason that is born from reason.


There is a hole in the ozone.

Your voice is missing.

The Greatest Sport of All!


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People identify with sports with a hunger that at times seems unnatural. But if you are one of those people that cares where the ball goes, holds your breath to see a number flashed before your eyes or leaps to your feet when a perfect specimen of humanity makes a super human effort, not for the sake of beauty itself but for a win, you understand the mysterious passion of ‘the game’.

Science tells us that our body responds to the mere watching of sports. The elderly are being put in front of sport and exercise programs as the viewing gives them a mini work out. Olympic athletes build neural pathways that improve performance by watching! We ‘win’ and ‘lose’ to the depth of our unconscious when hooked into sport. We transpose sibling rivalry, cultural hopes and fears, and self worth onto players and outcomes. Sure  we entrench the idea that there are sides to be on, winners and losers, celebration and shame but also witness mastery under pressure, teamwork and the seemingly impossible manifested.

But are we missing out on perhaps the greatest game of all? That ancient, pan cultural and most primal of games, peek-a-boo? The greatest of all metaphysical puzzles I am here/I am not here so beautifully interpreted in a game that brings both laughter and tears. Is this not the corner stone of the sports enthusiast as well as the enactment of  one of Shakespeare’s greatest lines to be or not to be. Is this the game that seamlessy combines sport and the arts? A game for the masses, all ages, all cultures, no language barriers, no winners and losers?

Sometimes you are here and sometimes you are not.

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It is true and deep and profound and yet playful and chilling at the same time. It is politics and parenting and quantum physics all rolled up into one. It contains life and death and holds the penultimate riddle – where do I go when I am not here?

Babies know some heavy stuff. We don’t give them enough credit. Let’s bring peek-a-boo out where it belongs. Into the main stream. It’s the visceral game our teenagers should be playing. It’s the game that would uncloak the realities of politics. It’s the relational game that the world needs to overcome cultural misunderstandings and come together in the realization of the basic truth of our lives. Let’s come out from behind our baby blankets and bring this profound game out where it belongs – in every corner of the world.

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Obama and Putin. Let’s do this!

Anxiety, our ancestors and human development.


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You, a human being, followed a brilliant developmental plan to get to where you are, just like a carrot or a mouse did. There are rhythmic time frames from conception onward designed to bloom a human.

In utero, the biological form is prepared so that when the fetus emerges from the female body it can take its first breath, become animated and continue being alive until it’s last breath.

* this alone is worth pondering, if you have ever had the fortune to see a baby being born or a person die – breathing vs not breathing is about as astounding as it gets – better even than Cirque du Soliel!

In a way you are your own ancestor – your body is the result of a long chain of bodies that survived and bred before you – your ideas about life are hand me downs from ages past bumping up against the emerging you. So….

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…gird thy loins to raise your rooftop as your own personal evolution is a daunting task and it would be easier to grow a beak.

As babies and children we learn through movement, play and mimicry. A child is not capable of true thinking and abstract thought until it has the brain structure to so do. A toaster is not an oven! Our culture is so enamoured by thinking that we see a roast when there is only toast!

Thinking is designed to be in service to our awareness and inspiration! Cut off from inspiration, thinking has little energy as it clunkers around aimlessly, shifting thought centres. It’s got to do something while it waits at the curb for it’s driver! Waiting can cause much anxiety as it’s an untaught art!

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When we realized how bad exhaust fumes from automobiles were for the air we breath, why didn’t we take that as an inspiring challenge! Why the resistance!

Old thoughts that we picked up from our ancestors are sitting on the throne! Only because we are not schooled in our biological truth! If we followed inspiration we would re-think our thinking and renew ourselves! And be ourselves!

No matter what age you are, inspiration is food just waiting for you to sit down and feast! This is what you are really hungry for! This is the natural way of evolution and human development, open to all! Young, old, rich, poor, sick, healthy!

That means you! Get to it, we all need you!

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Invite in your inspiration and  re-think everything!


SciFi Porn about your consciousness.


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Consciousness can be described as ‘the quality or state of being aware of something’. It is perhaps best know by the feeling of ‘coming to consciousness’ when waking each morning.  Everyone has their own personal relationship to their consciousness and thanks to Freud and his cohorts we also have an understanding of what is called our unconscious – though the definition implies that we can’t be conscious of this state we regularly bring the unconscious to the conscious when a memory comes to us or getting an idea ‘out of the blue”.


Becoming aware of our unconscious has been a major step forward in human evolution. Change of unconscious patterns, though hard won after the imprinting of childhood, has become a normal part of human striving and has changed the way we look at ourselves and others.

So where does consciousness go from here. What is the next evolutionary step? At some point in the future we will look back at how we are today and try to imagine how it was to be so primitive.

Could it be that this struggle we are currently in to evolve, by understanding and overriding our hidden agendas, might lead us to a state of being that is aware of our unconscious urges and impulses at all times? So that our natural state has us poised at the cusp of consciousness like a glass bottom boat enabling us to choose moment to moment as opposed to being compelled by the mystery of our own selves?

What is possible, what becomes science, begins with your imagination.

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Mothers, change the world!


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Not just because women’s produce is children and these children in turn produce all that humans ever have and will ever produce but also because mothers have already changed the world. The pain and fortitude of mothers has produced change in laws.

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Who is a mother?  You might be one and not know it. Yes, to be sure, we all have a mother and came into this world after being carried under her heart. There is also ‘one who mothers’ which can include anyone when they engage themselves in ‘bringing  up with care and affection’. ‘Mothers Against Drunk Driving’ did not give up until they had created a law infused with the care and affection that they knew so well.

It’s too bad that Mothers and mothering are not more popular in the business and political world. A corporation is not a person because it did not come out of the body of a woman. It’s a good thing that ‘mothering’ isn’t interested in being popular and has a great internal engine that can stay the course and get things done. Are we all not ‘bringing up’ the world at this very moment! Of course we are!

Don’t think mothers are strong enough! Mothers are so powerful that many people often have a deep unconscious hate for their mother and feel as little out of control babies if they think of being kind and thoughtful. It certainly seems that way! Time for them to have a snack and nap while we organize and vote!

Do you think mothering is too soft, too mamby-pamby to turn this ship around. Then you don’t know mothering. Mothers are fierce and perhaps should be the only ones deciding who will die in war or for a crime. Those who brought life into this world are the only ones that have the true knowledge of when it’s right to take it out.

It’s not the time of the great mother mythical spirit, nor the goddess but actual mothers, real mothering, from you – your care and affection and grit and grace.

Our time to bring up the world is now and you know it.

Let’s gather.

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Add a picture of you and/or someone who mothered you in the comment section.

Here at the PinkyLuxSchoolforGirls we are dedicated to creating a movement that evolves the perception of women, inspiring inventors of new thought, new industry, new stories and a new world.

*Please follow and I will keep you posted.

Is there any value in being sick?


Science is very busy studying sick people. And then we get very busy scanning ourselves for all things wrong. We forget that health is our natural state!

Let’s start studying healthy people and scanning ourselves for what is healthy. What about all the people that didn’t die of the plaque. Let’s study them!

You arrived here from out of a mothers undercarriage with many remarkable abilities!

Breathing without effort, staying near 98.6 degrees, beating heart, circulating blood , digestion and assimilation on the ready, wounds able to heal, lymph draining, tissues replacing, sleep producing, senses sensing, a plan to grow up!

Health is the your base reality of being human. Your body has a mandate to keep you balanced and asks only for air, water, food and rest.

When your balance is off you become unbalanced or ‘sick’. Your body in it’s effort to maintain starts acting all clunky and challenged, manifesting what we experience as uncomfortable feelings we call symptoms.

Pretty much every symptom that your body expresses can be stopped – pains, coughs, rashes, runaway fluids – by a trip to your drug store!

Why can’t it be just a little like the old days when you got to go to the Alps for three months and convalesce! Those were the days!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 3.36.08 PM

If we took time to recover would we know ourselves better? Know better how to maintain balance? Become to know our living system that is us?

Basically your body takes in stuff from the outside and decides is it ‘self’ or ‘non-self’. ‘Self’ it keeps and turns it into more you. ‘Non-self’ it eliminates. Are we confusing the bodies idea of ‘self’ with all our fussing about?

Has sickness any value? Could it teach us the boundary of our limits? Could it teach us respect for our base? Could it give us a freakin’ break from being plugged into the rat race and our churning mind? To emerge more ourselves?

Does sickness bring us closer to the truth of our actions. Are we hiding behind our ability to suppress symptoms? Have we lost the real messages our body is trying to tell us? And now are slowly losing our minds as well!

Doctors know that their job is to work with the innate healing powers of your body not instead of them. The only thing more miraculous that modern medicine is you!

It is said that at the end of his life Louis Pasteur, who is the father of germ theory, declared that his perspective was in error. He realized that germs are everywhere present, it’s the integrity of the health of the individual human that determines wether they get sick or not. 

Must off and scan myself for health! Have a prosperous flu season!

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