Money and the Undercarriage!


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You can be quite certain that if a lady births an idea from the greatest reproductive area that ever lived it will be a lovely one. Lovely for women and children and men and pregnant ladies and pets and plants and earth and skies.

A Lovely Lady with many brilliant ideas is Marilyn Waring. She thinks that when a country measures it’s GNP that all work should be counted, not just the work for money but housework and cooking and caring for children and the elderly. After all, that work is what really makes the human world go round. Even to embrace this in your own thinking brain can be radical. To behave like this is true, can begin a revolution, a revelation revolution!

Try it!


If we can’t value women and children as they are maybe we can value them if we think of them as money makers! We don’t need to change the system but become part of it! Slip yourself into the money stream with every pot you stir, every bed you make, every child you encourage, every garden you plant, every neighbour you check in on. Let’s turn this lumbering ship around!

Or what about the reverse of that! Giving the monetary world the value we give to feeding and caring! We are feeding the GNP when we shop! We are nourishing the GNP with every dollar saved or spent. The GNP is at our breast! A dollar = a vote! 

This season trembles with the spirit of money – haunting, lusting money with the power of a religious force. I know you feel it. Money is suppose to be a symbol of work done, of labour but it has run amuk and become so many different things – a game, numbers on paper, power, generosity, love, fear, security, greed, sex, confidence, happiness, freedom.

Money is what you make it.

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Burka’s are Bad for Men!



Just the other day I saw a lovely lady walking down the street in some comfortable shorty shorts and a bit of a tee shirt. She was glowing with health and freedom.  She had no care in the world –  she wasn’t even on her cell phone! Sometimes a man passing her would glance at her and sometimes a man wouldn’t. Everyone was just going about their day!

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How can this be! Aren’t men driven mad by the sight of a lovely lady almost naked enjoying a stroll in the sun? Isn’t she at risk of being violated? Isn’t she a whore and a slut and ruining the world with her smooth gams? Controlling men’s minds and driving them away from healthy thoughts and deeds? No, she is not! Millions of ladies worldwide enjoy the sun on their skin and the freedom to dress as they choose. And men live respectfully among them!

Men can just as easily be conditioned to manage their sexual urges as to be ruled by them. Men everywhere are doing it every day, all the time.

Good job men! Thank you!

Freedom of dress for women allows men to adjust themselves as they grow into their sexuality. Hiding women denies men an opportunity to evolve their sexuality and frames them as weak and unable to develop themselves beyond animal instincts. It disrespects there innate strength to adapt and mature.

Men! We know you are good evolvers! You prove it everyday.

At the Pinkylux School we tell the truth about nature’s plan and the truth about our sexual selves.

Nature’s plan for us is this;

First – young girls begin the change into womanhood with their menstrual cycles. This new hormonal smell then triggers the male to begin puberty. Nature’s plan for us to have sex is cyclical, triggered by the fertile smell of the ovulating female. You were not designed to be jacked up on sex every second. You were designed to be sexually rhythmic and triggered by the female’s hormonal shift.

Wow what happened!

Culture has the power to harness your sexuality for creativity, aggression, work, reward, punishment, power, enjoyment, shame, shopping, comfort, barter, manipulation, love, etc!

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How is your sexuality doing?

Stop trying to be a Hero!


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And stop raising children to be Hero’s!

Let’s raise them to be mothers and fathers instead!

‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ the verb!

To mother, to father.

Not to save the world but to take care of it!

 Not bunches of punches but listening!

Imagine! Industry being run with the spirit of taking care of everyone and yes that means nap and snack every day!

Government leaders who were mothers and fathers first would rethink sending children off to go kill other children! Ce ne pas possible!

Everyday, mothers and fathers suck it up, get over it, accept and move on, dig deep, go beyond, rise above, figure it out, push to the limit, push some more, invent a way, make it happen, pull it off, hope for the best, stand up, hold out, hold on, try again, never give up, embrace, hold, struggle. Why?

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 1.40.39 PM

 Because love trains them.

 Too corny? Not ironic enough? Not ‘winning’?

Not to be rude but you are here because nobody managed to kill you. However crap you feel your childhood was I bet there were more ‘heroic’ moments in caring for you than in all the super hero stories ever told.

Mothering and Fathering are an attitude, a point of view, a perception. They are not gender or age specific and can be applied to anything and anyone. They are part of your basic package in the art of being human. They are probably the reason why you like all those cat pictures. They offer; being bigger than your circumstance, including all, accepting things as they are, patience, laughter, grit, gratitude and the most nurturing sets of eggs and balls you will ever encounter.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 2.16.38 PM

Isn’t that enough?

* This post has nothing to do with the fact that there are almost no female super heroes and hardly anyone ever even says Heroine.

Broken people have economic value!


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Can we, as a country, afford to be healthy? Broken people are a huge industry!

What industries reap economic value from having people broken?

The prison system supports not only corporations supplying food, clothing, employment and building but is also the downline of all lawyers and law makers – no wonder it’s booming!  The medical industry supports insurance companies, all kinds of equipment manufacturers from beds to machines to linens to trillions of plastic doohickies. It legitimizes drug companies and employs millions of people. They all need to pay rent! We can’t afford to be well!

Childhood is where we develop our ideas about what life, love, nutrition and values are. If you are going to break someone this is the place to start! Children have become a target for sophisticated opportunistic vendors who ply their trade not in the interest of childhood but so they can buy things for themselves! They look at child development and harness it to create consumers! Would you eat a lunch from a school lunch program?  

If you are poor and can’t consume you are more likely to end up in jail by trying to find a way to get money through drugs, theft or murder. Then you can get the same lunch you had as a child!

The food industry is futssing with some molecules right now so they can convince your taste buds that their chemical mashup is tasty! Eat it! Add some tasty stress so you can  get sick and help pay someone else’s bills!

The drugging of children to fit into classroom expectations is rising every year. Young developing brains are training themselves to adapt to drugs. How will they know who they are without them? Does that matter? Doctors liberally prescribe Adderall (speed) so that millions of students can do better on exams by temporarily holding onto information.

Prescription drug overdoses on the rise!

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 11.17.44 AM

Madness or ‘whatever’?

Teenage suicide on the rise – ‘whatever’?

Prison population bloated – ‘whatever’?

Poor nutrition and stress creating illness – ‘whatever’?

Wait a minute you know all this!

Vote with your dollar! Vote with your rethinking!

Vote with children in mind!



Children are what women produce.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 11.37.01 AM

What is a child? You were once one.

You know.

A deep thank you to Joseph Chilton Pearce for his inspiration, dedication and determination to unfold the truth about children.

*We acknowledge the miracle of modern medicine, the need for laws and the effort to feed everyone. It’s the super hardest thing to use something by degrees! Have you ever tried to diet! 

Do you think your own thoughts?


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Let’s get a bead on ‘you’ first.

You seem to be an interactive biological entity.The basic principal of you seems to be, stuff going in and stuff going out. Let’s check that.

Sperm comes into a woman’s body and a baby comes out.

Breath comes into the baby body, goes in and out,  goes out one last time and that’s it.

Food and water go in, waste and water go out.

Consciousness comes in and you wake, consciousness goes out and you sleep.

Feelings come in,  feelings go out.

Thoughts come in, thoughts go out.

Information comes in, information goes out.

Experiences come in, memories come out.

Education comes in, education comes out.

Ideas come in, ideas come out.


Your developing self took in all these experiences with your family, your culture, your education and mingled it and sorted it and stored it in your flesh and brain.

So here you are, a bag of ideas and theories and hopes and swirling, competing thoughts! Tah dah!

Oct8.2 2

Which thoughts are yours? Are you busy thinking other people thoughts?

Of course you are! You are jammed to the roof with them!

Re-thinking is the key!

What should you re-think? Everything!


Do you think gossip has value? What do you think real beauty is? How many different kinds of love do you feel? What is love? Does jealousy have value? Are your prejudices your own? Are your fears actual? Are the things you think actual facts? Who is running your show?

I hope it’s you!

Are you struggling to be ‘normal’?


Stop it! It ruins the world!

‘Normal’ is the result of measuring and begins before you are born and continues until the day you pass on.

Numbers, degrees, graphs, percentages, attitudes are the weapons of this cultural plague to be ‘normal’.

Are you having a ‘normal’ pregnancy? How much does your baby weigh? Is your child developing ‘correctly’? How much do you weigh? How tall are you? How old are you? How much money do you make? How much money do you have in the bank? How do you measure up with the current fashion? On trend? How much sex are you having? Hmm and how much with other people? What are you addicted to? Do you have enough friends?  Do you fall within the the current assessment of ‘attractive’? Hoping someone thinks you might even be beautiful? Are you in debt? How much? Are your teeth lined up to the exact cm? How sparkly are they? Is your cholesterol correctly placed on the charts? How about your blood pressure? Your wrinkles? How long can you expect to live? What disease are you most likely to get? Are you eating enough of the current ‘fad’ foods? Are you too sad? Too happy? Too nervous? Too angry? Exactly how many hours of sleep are you getting? How much REM sleep? No, I mean exactly how much exercise do you get? Why not take a pill so your blood, mood, pain, sleep, fat can be within normal range?

Then you can get on with really fitting in and finally being happy, loved, accepted etc.

And I hope you aren’t living your life by those rascals, statistics, 1 in 10, 7 out of 10, 23,000 out of 100,000. You know what I am talking about.

We are getting the squeeze play. Don’t let it own you!

Fit in with yourself first!

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 12.36.39 PM

Stretch your normal.

Embrace things outside your norm. Get to know the people that are outside the narrow band of your normal. Challenge your own thoughts by mixing it up with people whose ideas or outfit you hate or don’t understand or are uncool.

If someone you loved was stuck on a deserted road on a cold winter night you wouldn’t care that the driver of the car that helped them out had the same political views as you or that their hair looked like crap.

Have you ever watched a toddler walk? We are like that. In order to move forward we need to be off balance and pass through a place of uncertainly where we are neither here nor there. But wait for it….here comes the other leg, ah back on terra firma. Repeat.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.15.49 PM

Let your freak flag fly!

If woman had invented the world…


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If you think there would be;

Roads paved in pink; mandatory afternoon tea and chat time; Piggy Back rides instead of cars; rescue dogs getting the vote; men running around in high heels in hopes of getting a sexy glance; cities designed like enchanted fairy lands; older women tossing away their partners for younger ones; buildings bedazzled by law; men wearing sheets and hiding in homes while women ride around naked with the wind in their hair; menstrual tents on every corner; holidays dedicated to crying.

Then you don’t know women at all!

Just as sperm emerges from a man’s body, people emerge from a woman’s body.

If a man’s body inspires him to build guns, submarines, skyscrapers and pursue imperialistic exploration then it is highly probable that a woman’s body would inspire her to create;

Political centres that share a wall with a birthing centre; grandmothers having veto power; people living underground and growing food on their roofs; walls and bridges grown from a bacterial batter; hugs would be the only therapy; no computers needed as woman’s intuition would find a way to connect the entire world; if you had a quarrel with a neighbour you would have to go live with them and eat their food and learn their language, not kill them; telling the truth would be so fun there would be no need for lawyers; it would be natural for all bodies, no matter what style, to have dignity; electricity would be developed from fireflies and yes… there would be lots of dancing to the sound of the wind and things would be bedazzled.

Let your body think!

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Will you take the Porn test?


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What is ‘Porn’?

Well, we think the saying ‘You’ll know it when you see it’ is pretty accurate. And what that means is ‘Porn’ is in the eyes of the beholder.

We all share the same beginning – our first cells came together as the result of a sexual union (IVF – sexual union once removed). We all began inside the body of a woman from the addition of male sperm primarily though sexual intercourse.


So how is it that the sexual act – the great dance that creates our very life – has become hidden and nasty and ‘dirty’?

Perhaps it’s because we aren’t given an opportunity to develop ourselves to appreciate our humble, fleshy beginnings. Common cultural humour is the repulsion of the very thought of our parents ‘doing it’. Why are we repulsed at the thought of our parents doing something that creates human life, improves their health and deepens their relationship to one another?

The sexual urge is indeed very powerful. It’s a frequency of great hunger that courses through us. It can learn to identify with almost anything for satisfaction, people have sex with cars and Furries and children.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9.28.01 AM

 There is something more powerful than the instinct to survive and the urge for sex. It’s the power of an idea. It is not that hard to implant an idea into a mind to override these powerful instincts to the point of someone killing them self and others. Shaming, punishing, ostracizing, torturing, murdering…for an idea.

So what are your ideas? Take a look at these images and scan yourself. What are you experiencing? Whose ideas are you reacting to? Your own? Your cultures? Your ancestors? What do you think about where you came from? Where does your ‘perv’ response begin?

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9.58.03 AM

Sex is the urge to create. Men are taking pills to make them erect when the body is not willing, women are using sexuality to have power and feel lost when it fades. Millions of children and women are being used as sexual slaves while you read this. Create something else. It begins with you.

The new creation story – which is not a story at all – you came from the body of a woman.

Where does your ‘perv’ response begin?

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It’s time to take a look at blood.


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 You are reading this partly because your blood is rushing around inside you making trillions of life creating exchanges that your mere mind cannot begin to comprehend.

Makes you wonder why we listen to our mind at all!

Our ancestors puzzled over blood. If someone got cut and too much of this substance leaked out the person would die. When blood stopped coming to a woman for several moons a baby would grow in her.

It’s blood that makes life! Blood staying in a woman is what makes a human! Blood is the juice that creates life!

Now this was a reasonable thing to surmise when sex was a function like eating and crapping, just part of the rhythm of life.

Male circumcision began as a rite to give the pubescent male the power of blood in his nether regions. This mimicked the blood that came to a young woman when her body began to menstruate, the male emulating this ‘magical’ and life creating body change in order to gain power over life.

This view of menstrual blood led to the hope that sacrificing an animal, it’s blood dedicated to some spirit/god/power, would grant wishes. (no judgement)

The bible reads like an endless hack and whack of some lovely farm animals and often people as well. eg: to get rid of leprosy: sacrifice a ram and two sheep, have their entrails read by the priest and their blood wiped on your right side. Rivers of blood flowed in the temples and on alters worldwide.

People, get a grip, it’s just a menstrual cycle!

The next evolutionary Aha! was when someone realized that it wasn’t blood but semen that created life. I wish I could say this was an improvement but alas, no.  Now that men could claim ownership of a child, they wanted to make sure that the child was theirs and began controlling female sexual freedom.

Nothing tampers a woman’s sex drive more than seeing her besties’ head get chopped off for having a child while their husband was at war.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 10.04.36 AM

Give menstruation a break!

Menstruation is the sign of a healthy body. ‘PMS’ is a sign that you need to improve some aspect of your health – unless you think you were designed to go crabbing around, getting all weepy and irrational. This myth gets used to deny women responsible jobs and dismiss viable and needed discussions.

Don’t take pills to stop your flow! The world could learn from the rhythm of the cycle of creation you carry – it’s exhausted from trying to be run like a machine!

This in no way means you should be waving your tampons in peoples faces! Absolument pas! Menstruation is not a sport!

Ride that rhythm ladies! It’s what life requires!

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 10.00.32 AM

Eat more veggies! Get sound sleep! Hydrate! Listen to your body!

It’s trying to love you!


Gratitude to all LGBT humans…


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…past, present and future.

We would like during this season of remembrance for all to place a hand over your heart for the hardships, confusion, shame, cruelty and sometimes torture and death that LGBT people have faced during their struggle to be accepted and free.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, once stated, “The government does not belong in the bedrooms of the people”.

If you disagree with this very reasonable statement then perhaps you are suffering from ‘Genital Concern’.  Do you find yourself concerned about other peoples genitals? What they look like? What they might be doing? Wondering what they might do next?

Someone else’s genitals is non of your concern and you know it.


We have the LGBT people to thank for inspiring us to rethink our conscious,  unconscious and ancestral ideas about what our business is in regard to sex, freedom and love.

And perhaps most importantly for driving the evolution of consciousness into a place where we train ourselves to look at the humanity of each person. To look past gender and fashion and colour and class right into the beating heart of each person. To meet one another on an even playing field of shared humanity.

Thank you.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 10.47.50 AM

And though your struggle continues we at the PinkyLuxSchool offer our gratitude and a shoulder to lean on.

We all come out of the body of a woman, we all carry nature’s hope.

Let’s take a look at the female ego.


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It’s very popular to not have an ego these days. The ego gets a very bad rap and many people feel it is the root of many problems. – egotistical, full of yourself – there are even classes on how to get rid of your ego.

Well, Ladies, here at the PinkyLuxSchool we want you to do no such thing! The female ego hasn’t even had a proper debutantes ball into society yet and it becomes popular not to have one.

We must bring into full fashion the true ‘Female Identity’ and let the world get a load of how innately intelligent and wisely kind women are.

The first to realize this of course will be you!


If you want to know what the world thinks of us go watch a Romantic Comedy!

It’s time to bring out your real Ego!!!

Start identifying with the vehicle you are cruising around in – the greatest creative collection of protoplasm the world has ever known. No more whining about your menstrual cycle and how someone doesn’t understand how to love you.

You have bigger fish to fry.

Ego – the part of a person that is conscious and thinks; the self

I know it has been tough what with the Barbie doll as an ideal and living in a world that has been built in thought word and deed by the hard work of the male of our species.

Wait a minute!

Every one of those males was grown in the female body! Nice work!

It is the female body that is the beginning of all creation!

What kind of world would have been created if the female of our species had been raised to create the world? If culture had listened to the harmony and rhythm of the womb from which they came from to expand our world?  What lives would we be living?

The world we live in was certainly inspired by the male creative organ what with the shooting of guns being so popular along with the rushing around the world marking everyone else’s territory with DNA.

Add your true female ego to the mix! Be ‘full of yourself’!


The world needs you!

Are women even inside women anymore?


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Something a little Macabre for the season!

When you go for a stroll through a park it is common to come upon a statue.

A statue of a man is likely to be dressed in period clothes, have a name and date attached, along with some idea of the deeds he has contributed to society.

A statue of a woman is likely to be an idealized generic beauty that comes not with a name but with a quality like Justice, Mercy or Liberty.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 12.27.20 PMThis is something you can check out for yourself.

Next, go to an art museum and look at the pictures of women that have been revered by society for centuries. You will find marvelous depictions of women from the perspective of the brilliant male artist.

And the histories of the world have very little to say about women and children. I guess they were busy doing other things. Too busy to write about themselves it’s certain!

Reading much of the great literature requires a transposing of he for she if a lady is to take the journey of the protagonist. It’s exhausting!

In our modern culture women are still predominately drawn from male ‘ideas’ of women – don’t make me use statistics!

We have been taking in ‘ideas’ of what a woman is for so many centuries while living in political/cultural/religious institutions built from a male perspective how is it even possible that real women are still inside women!

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 1.55.42 PM

I know you are in there!

Let’s get inventing! Emergency Style!