Suffering from….

….’theological thinking‘ and don’t even know it?

Even though you may not be a practicing ‘anything’ as far as religion is concerned there are some serious cultural habits you may have that are very old timey and need to be rooted out. If you are currently a religious person I am sure you can agree that these habits can make you thick headed.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 12.14.56 PM‘The Grampa Grouper’ is when someone fails to individualize, ‘Asians are terrible drivers’, ‘All pitbulls are dangerous’, ‘Women are bitches before their period’. This kind of lumping leads to prejudice and missing out on the truth of each humans uniqueness.

The cure: When someone – or when you – lay down one of these  agglomerations simple say ‘Oh, Grampa!’ as a gentle reminder.

‘Saintly thinking’ is when you think you are right for someone else. You are right for you and that is plenty. Someone else is right for themselves, suck it up. Healthy discussions are welcome.

The cure: When feeling ‘righteous’ ask yourself would you rather be kind or right. Being kind and right is very advanced!

girlssingingcolourEvery moment you are passing something on!

What are the best shoes to wear when inventing?


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Your foot is that thing that dangles off the end of your leg. It’s got those wiggly tips that turn out to be perfect for painting pretty colours.

From a Ladies Magazine;

“It’s true that surgical procedures such as shortening toes and even completely cutting off pinky toes are increasingly popular choices for ladies who simply have to fit into all those fab shoes.”

From Grimms’ Cinderella;

“The ugly step sister succeeded in getting her toe into the shoe, but her heel was way too big. Her mother handed her a knife and said: “Cut off part of your heel. Once you’re queen, you won’t need to go on foot anymore.””


Your foot has more in common with a slug than with a fancy shoe.

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And you know it.

Your foot is an artist of the highest degree. It’s the thing that carries you around – not the Prince! It’s joy is to feel where the ground is and give signals to your entire body so that you can balance, counterbalance, walk, move, dance without ever thinking! It registers hundreds of impulses a second and doesn’t even bug you about not getting enough praise or recognition for carrying you around willy-nilly here and there.

Barefoot is best! Let ’em spread out and feast on reading the ground!


Footwear has it’s place.

Before deciding on which pair to purchase it’s best to comparison shop. Here at the PinkyLuxSchool this is what we recommend.

Look at the foot bed, the inner soul of the shoe – sometimes it’s best for beginners to stand on a piece of paper and trace their foot. Then cut it out and take it shopping with you until you can recognize the true shape of your own foot – this is often necessary even though your own feet are right there with you.

Now. Think for a moment what kind of ‘bed’ you would want your hands to be in if you made them a bed –  a wooden coffin that squeezes your fingers together and deprives them of sensing? Could you yourself nestle into that foot ‘bed’ to go to sleep? Or would that leave you standing upside down with your head strapped into a box and your back aching?

And your feet are working while they are in this bed! Carrying you all around the town!

This thought process should eliminate about 90% of shoes on the market today. Then you can use your paper or real foot to test for freedom and articulation ability.

Ladies must get their heads out of the clouds and their feet back on the earth – to get inventing!

Ordering! Some moss shoes please!

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Why all this ‘work’ to be healthy?


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You don’t see a gorilla jogging about the forrest or a llama watching her weight. We are the crazy ones monkeying around with the most brilliant design on the planet.

Every human is born with the remarkable ability to stay at around 98.6 degrees. That is a pretty incredible thing considering our outside temperature is very rarely at 98.6.

Whether we get a paper cut or something much worst our bodies instantly start to mend and in my opinion do an excellent job of it.

Balancing – no problem, your body is making millions of adjustments a second to balance you, counterbalancing your every move so you don’t fall over in the middle of a meeting! Thanks for that! It gives you the grace to walk through a room, sensing where everything is so you can do a ‘walk and talk’ with ease.

When it’s time to rest it sends you into a sweet night with a surge of lovely chemicals  which includes paralyzing ones that prevent us from actually running in our dreams!

Day and night our bodies are designed to nourish, repair and build us in an incomprehensibly complex dance of biochemical maneuvers.

24/7/365 is something your body really knows. Without you giving it a thought it breathes for you, pumps your blood around, digests and hydrates you. And while it’s doing all this you are busy having your life in it, chatting, thinking, looking around, listening, touching, sensing, loving and dancing (I hope).

It offers you this gift of health because it wants you to have a great life! It’s saying, I got your back, go do your thing, I’m here for you, let’s get this party started!



What do we do? We wake up and before our body has a chance to show what energy it has prepared for us we slam it with a bunch of caffeine and proceed to monkey around with it from there. Starving it, overfeeding it, under watering it, pushing and pulling it to adjust to all our angers, our fears and demands from life. Then we hate it and make it do all these crazy ‘exercises’  because we don’t like the shape it’s giving us.

Oh, no! We don’t know how to have a Bestie!

And do you know what your body does?

It does it’s very best to maintain you. Always. Your health is your lighthouse in a storm. If you get to know your body and listen to it and respond with even a small amount of gentleness and understanding it will respond with true ‘good feelings’ for you. (‘Good Feelings’ are often confused with ones had by overriding the body’s systems. You know what I’m talking about.) 

Continuum is something that a wonderful woman inventor named Emily Conrad invented. It’s a movement modality that doesn’t try to get the body to learn a system but rather listens to the body and says ‘Body, how do you want to move?’

Ladies let’s get inventing!

Health is the true Beauty!


Isn’t it funny…


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…why we aren’t feminists at PinkyLuxSchool.

Here’s the thing.

It seems to us that the people whose bodies carry a child, birth a child and nurture a child should have some ideas about how to raise them as they go on to make up the entire world.

However, it just so happens that women have not been writing the books or coming up with the systems of thought that our world runs on.


 …name 3 women philosophers. Name 3 religions started by a woman. Name 3 systems of government developed by a woman.

Did you know that most physical movement systems were developed by men and on the male pelvis? That includes Yoga and Ballet. This is wonderful and no one here is upset by that.

At the PinkyLuxSchool we just want to add to what is already here, not yell at it.

And add we must.

The Feminist movement, like the vagina, has it’s place, of course. Feminism is a reaction to an old and deeply dug in perspective of what it is to be human. We are looking to add a new view, one that looks out from the Undercarriage.

Here we encourage woman, who own the worlds greatest creative engine, to develop new modes of living, thinking, designing and moving. Ideas that express the same intelligence and care that their bodies have for new life.

That would clearly mean a new system of math. No woman is going to truly understand a system of math that declares a family can have 2.5 children!



Math is simply a language that explains something. I will make one up right now from my Undercarriage. 1 + 1 = 1


Adding 1 thing to 1 other thing makes it part of 1 group. True? Yes it is. It depends on your perception. A woman can be a skanky whore or a potential for new ideas, it’s up to you to decide.

The first seven years of a child’s life determines a great deal about who the adult will be. A woman’s philosophy that included children would most likely not include raising them to go kill other peoples children. Where is this system of thought?

It’s coming.


Your Imagination…


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….is it for you or against you.

First let’s see if you have an imagintation.  As with all invisible things eg. the wind, love,  the undercarriage, it’s best to put yourself through a test to prove the invisible exists. Until there is a machine that can measure imagination we can use the following experiment as a determiner.

Imagine these things;

A tiny horse climbing up a spider web to a spaceship.

A whirling dervish on the end of your toe.

Running naked in the woods while being chased by a squirrel.

Wasn’t that easy! Bam. Proof.

You have an imagination!

We have the ability to imagine much like we have the ability to think. It’s part of every humans tool kit. Your imagination is like water and is always looking to emerge and engage. You’d be surprised how much of your thinking is actually your imagination at work. Work? Imagination feels more like play.

All your wondering about how you are going to spend your evenings, or planning a trip or wondering how to love is your imagination at play.

Your imagination is not like your body that gets complainy and wants to rest. In fact it comes more alive when you rest, fanasies are it’s playground, it’s tireless!

Hold on!

Your imagintion can also imagine that a plane might crash into your house any second or that a little rash on your elbow is flesh eating bacteria or that you’re not good enough to even get out of bed or that you should be a princess with your own castle.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 10.12.32 AM

You’re imagination just wants to play and it doesn’t care what it plays at. It can play at sad face just as well as happy face.

So when your imagination is clowning around to the point where you feel inharmonious with yourself, do not fret…

There’s a cure for sad/delusional/critical imagining. That cure is


Give your hungry imagination a playground. Sing a song, play an instrument, dance a jig, paint a picture, write a poem, act like a kook.

Why Art?  eg. when painting you move the paint on the paper and it moves you to listen for what to do next, you are engaged in a relationship of your own making. The need of the activity controls the rhythm, which is calming. It’s a kind of loving relationship without the jealousy and power issues. Art tames our imagination.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if human relationships were like painting a picture? If life was an art? If Art was taught in our schools?

Surprise – holding a baby is an Art.


…you were once a baby.

Is it the poo thing?


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…that makes us think the lower depths from which we emerged is ‘dirty and nasty’

Well let’s clear that up today.

We all poo like we all breathe. ‘In’ to nourish ‘out’ to eliminate.

We eat and drink and the body does this miraculous thing where it chooses self from non-self.

It’s doing it right now – for you.

The self – it makes into more you, the not-self it sends out of the body, with breath, with sweat, with urine and with poo.

This poo factory is as much a part of your brilliant design as your favourite parts. Poo would love nothing more than to just fall on the ground and continue it’s journey enlivening the soil to grow things for us to eat that would then create more poo. You are an entity that creates fertilizer, that is what you make.

A good dump is a sign of health and enlivens the whole being.

Often as babies, when someone changed our diaper we looked up to see the disapproving hideous face of our mother/father/caregiver calling us ‘stinky’. The reason poo has evolved to smell so terrible probably has something to do with preventing us from eating it – which doesn’t stop a gorilla if you have ever been to the zoo.

A friend once told me she was staying at a place in India where, when she felt the urge, she would tear out to the outhouse that was several yards behind the house to try and beat the wild pigs that would come right under you as you let one fly and they’d gobble your poo up like it was a treat from the dairy queen.


So if you are confusing your feelings about stinky nasty poo with the portal where you came from, thinking it is stinky and nasty by association, there is no need – it’s just a design issue. And you might even think your own self to be stinky and nasty by association – well you are not.

Now go drop a deuce and give yourself some love!


Confused about your Gender?


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Don’t be. You are of the human gender.

 Here at the PinkyLuxSchool we don’t parse men and women up by insisting that they each have male and female qualities. We call bullshit. Check it out.

Here are some ‘typical female’ qualities;

dependent, emotional, graceful, weak, nurturing, soft, passive, receptive

Here are some ‘typical male’ qualities;

independent, non-emotional, aggressive, competitive, strong, sexually aggressive

Surely you recognize yourself as capable of having all these qualities no matter what gender you are because they are human qualities. The more we associate these qualities with one gender or another, ‘she’s so male because she is aggressive’, ‘he’s so feminine because he is nurturing’ the more we restrict and build in prejudices’ to the full palette of each person.


Why can’t a man crying be a sad man and not ‘someone showing his feminine side’? Why can’t a sexually aggressive woman be a passionate woman and not a ‘has a sex drive like a man’ kind of woman? It can be so! With this one simple adjustment we can eliminate all sorts of stereotypical judgements towards those that come out of a woman’s undercarriage. A woman is a woman with all the human qualities and a man is a man with all the human qualities and a transgender person is a person with all the human qualities..

Everyone is human, having human qualities. Lovely.

* So, why ‘PinkyLuxSchoolforGirls’ you ask and I am glad you did. ‘Girls’ is used in the way that ‘guys’ is used to refer to a mixed group. It’s used as a cultural adjustment tool. So, I invite all you ‘girls’ to join the student body. email me at to be added to the list.

Beyond ‘Vagina’.


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Vagina’ is the anatomical name of the roadway to the most sophisticated reproduction system in (as far as we know) the entire universe.

 Would you say of your car “Wow, my cars’ tailpipe is great on gas” or “I love my car, it’s tailpipe is really powerful and has great torque”. Of course you wouldn’t, how ridiculous.

Here at the PinkyLux School we take up the task of renaming ‘the area’ from which we all emerge.  Does it need to be so parsing and mechanistic? Does it make us so? Dare a culture embrace a new name for their true homeland? Could that begin to unite us, reflect a value to human life that seems missing? Could changing a word invite our trembling over thinking into the intelligence of the body? Could woman gain the power and dignity that their body actually holds and stop dancing around like cupcakes or hiding under a bed sheet?

Probably not.

But that doesn’t stop anyone at this school from going for it.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 2.32.56 PM

We call this area ‘The Undercarriage‘. Why? Because you were carried under the heart of a woman in a dazzlingly brilliant reproductive system. Too poetic? It’s a fact.

 * On the same note, ‘penis’ needs an update as well. So far we have come up with ‘dangelglo’ to include the entirety of the male organs involved in fertilization but it’s admittedly a work in progress.

Creation is not a Myth


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Not a Story

There is One True Undeniable Fact that no person can disagree with – ‘You and every person that has ever lived came out of the body of a woman.’

This is not a myth, it’s not a story, it’s not a hypothesis or a philosophy or the result of a government funded study or an opinion poll gathered from a news program. It’s not a religious belief, doesn’t require faith or a common language and you don’t need a class or an ancient text to know this fact. This fact doesn’t require a scholar or a professional in the field or a doctor or a comparative study. It is the factual beginning of each self. It is the one fact
we all share with every person that we engage with in love, hate, jealousy, kindness, judgement, anger, apathy, passion, work, play, sex and laughter, etc.

You came from the body of a woman.

Women produce people.
People are the product of women.

How did referring to all of humanity as ‘mankind’ become the norm? For in fact ‘we are the kind that comes from women’ quite literally. So…


To be politically correct we say ‘humankind’ now, which is lovely and true of course but here at ‘PinkyLux School for Girls’ we enjoy saying ‘womankind’ in recognition of the first thing the whole world can finally agree upon – our common, fleshy and true beginning.

Try it.

* sperm component at conception is noted and appreciated.